The Motivation For Fabricating The Bible

Although most people typically recognize the Bible as truth, especially here in the Western world, there is unfortunately no way to really prove one way or the other whether the happenings in the Bible actually occurred, let alone if they happened with any sort of accuracy. For the highly religious, whenever someone mentions this fact, they often give the excuse of “well if the Bible isn’t real, then why would someone have made it up to begin with?”

And that is the topic we are discussing today. Contrary to what you might believe, fabricating the Bible itself and the existence of Jesus Christ is actually a fairly prudent move for someone, or a small group of individuals to assert their dominance and power over an unsuspecting group of people. The reason the Bible is so powerful is because it instills a sense of faith in people, so much so that we are willing to go to church and essentially worship the Holy Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

But precisely because of this unwavering belief are people unsuspectingly willing to fork over their hard earned money to the Church, all for the glory of God. Now if God really is real, then no harm no foul. But if this is all an elaborate hoax by the wealthy elite, they have effectively conned people (especially poor people) into giving what they have to a Church that in all likelihood is funneling money to the truly wealthy and elite themselves.

Now this can definitely be hard to believe, because that would imply that there is some mastermind pulling the strings, even to this day. However, despite what you think, in any sort of institution, there is always a small ruling class that controls the institution – in the case of Christianity, whether they have created this institution that they control through the genuine creation of the Bible over time, or through an elaborate hoax is all up for interpretation.

And what’s really fascinating about this potential scenario with regards to the Bible’s origin, is that if it were true, it would mean that it is the greatest con ever created, simply because it has been in existence for thousands of years. Just think about that!

Now, you are certainly free to believe whatever you want to believe. Just know that if people think the Bible and religion itself is an elaborate hoax, don’t simply dismiss them as being ignorant – because as much as you may want it to not be true, it is definitely a possibility, albeit one that we may never be able to ultimately prove.