Did Jesus Really Exist?

One of the biggest draws to Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. He was believed to be the one who sacrificed his life to atone for the sins of all mankind, thus allowing all of us who believe in Him to go to heaven when we all meet our eventual death. What further stands about the figure of Jesus Christ is that he was the only one out of the Holy Trinity to have that lived amongst us normal humans, which makes Him relatable to all of us on a basic human level.

However, many non-believers of the faith hold that position on the basis of their belief that Jesus Christ didn’t really exist. And who could really blame them, considering that this all supposedly happened thousands of years ago, in a time when there was typically no well-written documentation, let alone a holy Bible that tells the story of God and how to achieve salvation and eternal life?

Although we may never truly know the answer, and instead must rely on our faith (or our lack thereof) when it comes to our general beliefs, the existence of Jesus has some solid evidence, albeit only to a certain extent. If we assume that the Bible is an accurate depiction of past events, then it stands to reason that Jesus Christ must have been a real figure, simply based on the fact that much of the Bible would not have made any sense if Jesus was not a real person.

Even extending beyond Christianity, there is solid evidence that Jesus Christ existed, primarily through the Jewish faith. In Jewish texts, they not only mention Jesus Christ, but actually spell his name in His native tongue of Aramaic (for anyone interested, that would be Yeshua Hannotzri).

Now before you immediately treat that as total vindication of your beliefs, keep in mind that Jews do not actually believe that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. While he was often regarded as a Jewish teacher and central figure at the time, they do not believe that he raised from the dead, or participated in any of the miracles mentioned in the Bible.

So although Jesus almost certainly did exist as a person who was living here in Earth thousands of years ago, it is not entirely clear who he really was and whether he actually was the Messiah, which ultimately is the reason he is such a central figure in Christianity in general. All we can say about this matter is that your belief in Jesus Christ’s true nature as the Messiah (or lack thereof), and your belief in Christianity in general (or lack thereof) almost certainly go hand-in-hand.