Living A Good Life In The 21st Century

If you are one of the many people around the world who believe in Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole, then good for you! Although religion is not always right for everyone, having guiding principles that stem from your religion’s teachings can make your life much more fulfilling and meaningful in the long run.

Having said all that though, it is very important to think about how to follow those guiding principles specifically in the 21st century that we now live in. Because let’s admit it – life back when Jesus was alive is a lot different than it is today, and those differences definitely change the way we go about living our lives.

One of the biggest changes in the 21st century is the prevalence of social media. While it can be great to use to connect with friends and family, it can often lead to people breaking one of the Ten Commandments that states that “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”, which essentially means getting jealous of one’s possessions as well as their lives.

Because everyone is on social media sharing what they are doing or what they just bought, it is very easy to see all sorts of cool activities or things that make you jealous of the other person, which is an obvious form of sin. This is only exacerbated by the fact that people typically only share the very best of their own lives, which is more likely to make others jealous than not.

To solve this sort of issue, it is important to simply take a step back from social media and do not let it control your life. Using social media inevitably leads to jealousy at some point, so avoiding it altogether is the best way to go. Doing so also helps you to simply focus more on your own life right in front of you, which is much more fulfilling than staring at your phone all day watching other people’s lives unfold.

Another challenge in the 21st century is the prevalence of sexual and generally provocative media, particularly porn, and to a certain extent certain music that uses raunchy lyrics or portrays scantily-clad women (or men) in racy music videos. All of this leads to countless people around the world having sexual activity before getting married, which is definitely a sin in the eyes of God.

Staying abstinent until marriage is definitely a challenge in today’s society. But luckily, masturbation is becoming more and more mainstream and acceptable, allowing men and women to get themselves off on their own and fulfill their sexual desires without sinning by having sex with someone who isn’t their spouse.

And if people feel like masturbation pales in comparison to having real sex, then they definitely haven’t tried sex toys which make masturbation sessions just as good as real sex, if not better. Particularly for girls, with the wide range of vibrators from Blissful Cherry and other sex toy stores to choose from, it is not hard to imagine them easily replacing the desire to have sex with a high-quality vibrator to help get themselves off like never before (at least until they find the right guy and marry him).

Although there are so many new challenges when it comes to living a good life in the 21st century, none of them are insurmountable. The most important thing you can do when faced with such unique challenges, regardless of what they are, is to simply believe in God and trust in Him to help guide you to a life that both you and God Himself will approve of.